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Water Heater Services

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Hot water is essential to our everyday lives. From bathing to cleaning and cooking, it is important that you have a dependable water heater that will not only work well, but deliver the amount of hot water you need, at the temperature you desire.

Don’t be left in the cold.

Choosing the Right Water Heater for Your Home

Many property owners do not realize that there are numerous water heaters on the market and choosing a unit that works best for you depends on your needs, your home, your monthly usage, and the cost of your utility bills.

You can choose from:

  • Tankless water heaters

  • Gas water heaters

  • Electric models

Many people don’t realize just how much energy their water heater uses, so choosing a high-efficiency model may be a little costlier up front, but will translate on your lower monthly utility bills. In fact, many homeowners who have upgraded their old water heaters has discovered savings in the hundreds of dollars. New, eco-friendly, and energy efficient tankless models can greatly decrease your home’s utility costs while increasing the overall enjoyment of your hot water.

Broken Water Heater? We Can Help!

Don’t get stuck with cold water. Our plumber can quickly and safely repair your malfunctioning unit if an upgrade or new installation is not yet needed. By keeping your water heater in well-maintained and in top condition, you can realize energy savings and keep the hot water flowing into your home.

Call our water heater specialists in Toronto at (647) 642-5660 for a free estimate and upfront pricing!

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