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                 Commercial Sink & Drain Plumbing Services

As a restaurant owner, you are familiar with the great importance that working plumbing has for your business. Not only does your sink system allow you to wash dishes and keep your establishment clean, it's a must-have from a sanitation department standpoint. Your employees have to be able to wash their hands, and having a commercial sink drain issue is not an option. 

Commercial sink drains

You've probably noticed that the sink plumbing at your restaurant is a bit more complex than the one in your kitchen at home. This is because it must handle more water and have a better straining system to keep food and other materials out of the internal workings. The drain, located at the bottom of your sink, has more parts than that of a residential system. If you are having issues with your restaurant sink, it's probably best to call iSky. We offer a full list of commercial drain services to help you keep your establishment running smoothly. We can repair sink, toilet, shower and floor drains, among other things.

Commercial sewer and drain cleaning

iSky also offers a very important service that you should consider using for your business: customized maintenance programs. Because commercial sink drain plumbing is so much more complicated than that of a home system, it's not an easy task to try to fix or clean these units yourself. While we salute you for your entrepreneurial ways, we also want to be sure your business has working plumbing at all times. Give us a call to schedule a talk with a specialist who can go through your building and create a personalized maintenance plan for all your plumbing needs. We will then come to your company on a monthly basis to handle tasks, such as the following:

  • Catch basin and lateral line cleaning.

  • Sewer drain cleaning and high-pressure water jetting.

  • Storm drain cleaning and repair.

  • Sewer drain pipe repair and replacement.

  • Lift station cleaning and repairs.

We will come ready with drain-cleaning products and the necessary equipment to make sure your plumbing is working smoothly. Do not hesitate to call us with sewer- and drain-problem questions. We handle queries like, "Why can't I remove the clean-out plug?" or "Should I have my lines jetted or snaked?" Our expert service men and women are trained to handle even the worst of clogs, silliest of questions and trickiest of plumbing issues.

Important plumbing tips

One of the best and easiest ways to keep your commercial plumbing system running is to have it cleaned frequently. Some companies opt to have theirs professionally maintained on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Others need it more frequently, depending on what type of business they run. As a restaurant owner, you are particularly in need of working plumbing, and you use your sink and drainage systems more often than say, a retail company. For this reason alone, you need to pay special attention to maintaining your plumbing system. Call iSky for an estimate on customized cleaning services and we'll set you up with the best service people and maintenance plan around. 

One last thing: While you may be able to do leak repair yourself at home, you may find you make the problem worse in a commercial setting. As mentioned above, the plumbing, sewer and drain systems used at your restaurant are much more complicated than what you're used to. It's best to call a iSky plumber to come out and take a look at the issue. They'll arrive promptly to assess and address the issue.

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