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             Kitchen Disposal Services for Commercial Industries


  The kitchens in many businesses rely on properly functioning garbage disposals in their sinks. Kitchen disposals are an important component in reducing the chance of clogs in the plumbing system as they chop up food waste before it passes in the drain pipes. Unfortunately, commercial garbage disposers are often overwhelmed by the amount and type of food fed into them. Sometimes silverware, straws, dishcloths and other non-food items find their way into the disposer, causing problems in the unit and requiring professional service.

But, you can rely on iSky’s plumbing experts to repair, replace or install any type of commercial garbage disposal, from light duty to heavy duty models. Restaurants and other food service establishment, hospitals and nursing homes, schools and hotels can’t afford their downtime in their kitchens, so our plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for disposal repairs—fast and professionally. We’ll provide a free, written estimate and stand behind our work with our no-hassle guarantee.

Disposal Repairs

It’s important to get your disposal repaired quickly to reduce the chance of a clogged drain or a complete plumbing system backup. iSky plumbers can repair most every brand name and size of commercial garbage disposer, putting it back into service for many years. Common disposal repairs include:

  • Leaks – Worn out seals allow waste and odors to escape, potentially causing health concerns or wet work areas.

  • Jams – Excessive food or hard-to-grind items prohibit motion of the blades.

  • Humming – The motor or impellor may be burned out.

  • Nothing happens – The unit might need to be reset or connection needs to be checked.

  • Won’t drain – The unit may not be chopping food properly and waste may have clogged the drain pipe.

Garbage Disposal Installation

When a garbage disposal replacement is necessary (whether a new disposal is needed or an existing one needs to be replaced or upgraded), iSky will install the unit, making the proper connections to the power source and plumbing system. Your iSky plumbing professional will recommend the most efficient unit that services your needs and budget.

Commercial kitchen disposals come in many different styles and horsepower models, ranging from light duty units to more powerful 10HP heavy duty models. Disposers can be single phase or three phase, and can be mounted to a sink, floor or dish table. Most disposers require electricity to operate but some are powered by water pressure. Some businesses require a simple 1HP waste disposer while others might need a complex disposal system.

Light duty models are generally required in fast food restaurants, convenience stores, delicatessens and office kitchens. Schools, hospitals and medium-sized restaurants usually need a medium duty model. Large restaurants, hotels, factories and kitchens that handle hard-to-grind foods or large amounts of waste continuously will call for heavy duty units.

For this and other services in commercial plumbing – including water leak services, water heater repair, kitchen tips and maintenance services, and more – call iSky at 416 528 7645. You can also book an appointment online at your convenience.

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