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Bathroom & Shower Leak Repair Services


Besides the kitchen, the bathroom is the location in your home with the most plumbing. Your shower, bathtub and toilet add up to quite a few opportunities for potential leaks. iSky offers a full list of bathroom plumbing services to take care of the biggest and smallest issues in this important room in your home. The following are some aspects of your bathroom to keep an eye on in case there is a plumbing problem, and we'll also delve into maintenance tips:

Bathroom shower repair

Everyone's had that shower or tub faucet that doesn't seem to ever get tight enough. Not only is the drip-drip sound obnoxious, but this bathroom leak is also bad for the environment, as it wastes precious water. If you have a little leak like this one or a much bigger problem (e.g., almost nonexistent water pressure, fluctuating temperatures), iSky can help. Our plumbers are equipped with almost every tool they could need to take care of bathroom shower repairs and any other major (or minor) plumbing issues. 

Bathroom tips and maintenance

Believe it or not, simply cleaning your bathroom isn't enough to keep it in good working order. While it's sanitary to wipe down the counters, mop the floor and scrub the toilet, none of these actions are considered plumbing maintenance. Don't worry, you don't need a certificate or degree to keep an eye on things and spot an issue. The best way to stay on top of maintenance is to be on the lookout for bathroom leaks.

Once a month, take a close look at all the fixtures and faucets in your bathroom. Turn the water on and see if there are any drips where there shouldn't be. Shower leaks may occur from the tub faucet while the shower is turned on, or even down the wall from where your shower head is attached. Also, turn on the sink faucet and see if you notice any water coming out from where the fixture meets the sink basin or wall. As for the toilet, check around the base to be sure it is properly sealed to the floor. Some condensation is normal in the summertime or hot climates, but any more than a few drops could mean a serious problem. Take note of any issues so you can discuss them with a iSky plumber. 

You can prevent your toilet from leaking by being careful with it. The bowl and most of the toilet that you can see is made out of china, ceramic or other breakable materials that can easily crack if you drop something on them or accidentally knock them with a tool like a wrench. Never use a hammer on any component of your toilet, as you may miss and crack the bowl, tank or stand. If you are taking on DIY toilet fixes, be sure your hands are dry. Wet hands are more likely to slip when using heavy tools. A toilet can last a lifetime, but the fixtures inside will need replacing. During your monthly check-in, take a look inside the tank to see if you spot any rips, tears or other malfunctions. If you do, refrain from using the toilet and give iSky a call.

If you spot a leak

During your monthly inspection (or regular use of your bathroom), you may spot a leak. When this occurs, don't panic. For big leaks where the water flow is significant, simply turn the water off and call a iSky plumber. Smaller issues you may be able to take care of yourself by replacing a seal, tightening a faucet or even cleaning out a fixture. There are many helpful websites and tutorials available to assist you with at-home plumbing. See what you can do on your own, but don't hesitate to contact iSky when you feel that the job is too big for you and requires a professional. We can assess the situation and find ways to prevent the issue from occurring again.

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