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Shower Valve Services

Offering Top-Rate Shower Valve Repair & Replacement

When you step into your shower only to find that the water temperature is off, or the pressure isn’t right, it can be an indication that the shower valve is broken or worn out. Shower valves are small mechanisms that control the temperature in your shower. They’re responsible for maintaining a proper ratio of hot to cold water, even when a toilet is flushed or the dishwasher is running. Aryana Plumbing offers reliable shower valve services in Toronto, including comprehensive repair and replacement. Our trained technicians can get your shower valve back up to optimal function quickly and efficiently.

Having a problem with your shower? Call us at (647) 642-5660 today for prompt, professional plumbing services in Toronto!

When Should You Replace Your Shower Valve?

When you are having troubles with your shower, it can be hard to identify the root of the problem. Our team is adept at quickly and correctly identifying issues, including worn out shower valves. If you think you might need to have you shower valve repaired or replaced, there are certain signs you can look for that may indicate a problem with the valve.

Signs your shower valve needs repairs or replacement:

  • No water comes out of the faucet when you turn on the shower

  • Water temperature changes when another tap is turned on

  • There is no hot water coming out of the shower at all

  • The faucet makes grinding noises when turned on

  • The shower faucet won’t turn on at all

  • There are obvious signs of leaking on or near the faucet

With more than 30 years of experience, we are able to accurately diagnose any shower valve problem—whether the part is worn out, defective, corroded, or was installed incorrectly. Once we’ve identified the issue, we will get to work repairing or replacing your shower valve as needed.

The best way to prevent major problems with your shower valve is to carry out routine maintenance. This can ultimately save you money in the long run, as you will avoid the need for repairs. Aryana Plumbing can assist you with an array of shower valve services in Toronto, including preventative maintenance. We are committed to high-quality workmanship at affordable rates—we even offer upfront pricing so you’re never caught off guard by the price of a service.

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