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Dishwasher & Ice Maker Lines

Make the Most of Your Kitchen

The kitchens many of us enjoy today are filled with a variety of automation to make life easier. Dishwashers and ice makers certainly count as one of the most ubiquitous of these automation, and can be found in virtually every home. Whether you need a new appliance installed and hooked into your kitchen’s water line, or you are experiencing trouble with an existing system, our Toronto plumbers can get the job done.

High Performance Appliances

It is critical to your system that these installations be performed by professionals, particularly in the case of your dishwasher. Your sink and dishwasher are connected to the same waterline, and if anything should become clogged, water from the sink could end up backing up into your dishwasher – right onto your clean dishes. We can help to minimize occurrences like these as much as possible. Additionally, installing refrigerators and hooking up water lines for their ice maker and water filter functions is one of our most-requested services.

When you are picking out your new dishwasher or refrigerator, keep the following in mind:

  • Size: Many people overestimate how much room they have in their kitchen for new appliances, as well as whether or not the layout of their homes will allow for it to get into their kitchen. Take careful measurements!

  • Usage: Do you have a large family, or do you do a great deal of cooking and entertaining? Or are you a one or two person household with minimal space requirements? Save yourself some money by not paying for space – and bells and whistles – that you do not need.

  • Energy consumption: Everyone likes saving money! By ensuring that you look for Energy Star products, as well as do your research on the new water and energy saving features coming out all the time, you can save hundreds on energy and utility costs every year.

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